First Renaissance Ventures (FRV) provides boutique advisory and marketing services to clients in various sectors with an emphasis in international market development and U.S. market entree. FRV was formed in 1994 by A. Martin Erim who continues to serve as its President and CEO. Under Martin's leadership, the FR Global international team consists of a staff located in multiple countries around the world. Some of the staff works directly with client partners; others provide critical research and support services. All together we are highly experienced and work as an effective team.

Most recent projects undertaken by the team include: (1) preparations, launch and ongoing execution of a multifaceted food products company that organized Latin American food producers under a newly-formed U.S. import and supplier entity, (2) planning and launch activities for a new product line for green transport and parking products; this work includes introduction of European designed products into the U.S. market, (3) planning, outreach and negotiation of new international distributorships for a U.S.-based cosmetics and beauty products firm, (4) U.S. market entry planning, reseller and training programs for a professional services toolkit developed in the Czech Republic, (5) planning and business development services including international expansion for U.S. investors of a new product venture offering independently-powered, security lighting systems, (6) planning and world-wide partner programs for UK investors launching new emergency egress and tracking technologies, (7) formation and management of a new US-European joint venture providing solutions in the radiation and nuclear detection, identification and measurement market, and (8) creation and management of a new subsidiary to provide photoluminescent safety systems into over 100 commercial office buildings in NYC.

Earlier project work included assembly and development of construction teams and financing for a number of large international projects; additionally there were efforts that resulted in numerous international distributorships and franchises for firms active in building materials, construction systems, and other export products & services.

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